is now live on ProductHunt is now live on ProductHunt

Apr 29, 2024 by Klim Safonov

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Klim (Founder of announced public availability on ProductHunt. is the world’s first GenAI-based solution that seamlessly builds, deploys, and operationalizes production-grade APIs from text input in minutes, saving weeks/months of DIY development!

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What problems does solve?

❌ Lengthy Development Cycle Times

Engineering products start with long planning and design. Iteration, approvals, budgeting, team construction, and finally development all take time and money while slowing velocity. Throw in CI/CD, 24/7 operations, and observability and every step can take on average 1-3 sprints (2-6 weeks) plus QA time. Timelines double when soliciting user feedback, new product requirements, etc.

❌ High Cloud Cost

Engineers struggle to work with cloud vendors, not because of the technology, but because they’re unaware of costs. It’s so easy to launch a server and forget. This conflict can lead to cloud costs expanding over time if not effectively controlled with process, procedure, and a FinOps mindset. Companies react by hiring qualified architects to come in and fix the issues, but once the job is finished the bloat quietly starts again.

❌ Inefficiency of 24/7 Operations

Small companies have engineers responsible for the code they write, and the operation of that code. Larger companies tend to separate software development and operations, although some have learned this approach is inefficient and doesn’t scale. Dedicated operations engineers are expensive, they burn out, have high turnover, and generally lack scalability over time.

How Does Solve the Core Problems?

  1. Create any API in minutes

Simply type in your idea and click "Generate". Our AI solution will suggest Data schemas, APIs, and integrations. Then deploy and start using your new API instantly.

  1. Cost and Performance Effective Backends allows you to take advantage of our AWS Certified Engineers and Well-Architected practices built over years of experience - saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cloud

  1. Built-in Operational Excellence

We take the worry of spectacular production failures due to common configuration mistakes out of your hands. automatically configures autoscaling, firewalls, and recovery mechanisms into every infrastructure component - out of the box. Enterprise users benefit from Uptime SLA

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