Introducing world's first Generative AI for API

Introducing world's first Generative AI for API

Mar 29, 2024 by Klim Safonov

GenAPI is the world's first Generative AI that creates production-grade API from text input. It allows you to create cost-efficient, reliable (99.99% SLA) and secure API in minutes instead of months of manual DIY development


  • Development takes months. Moreover, product requirements can change, and user feedback, QA, and other factors can affect scope, timeline, effort, and budget making it expensive and unpredictable to release on time, find product-market fit, or experiment with new product.

  • Cloud is expensive unless you have top-tier certified DevOps Professionals and Solution Architects fighting for your costs, operations, and architecture every day while implementing FinOps, Well-Architected, and other industry best practices.

  • API requires attention 24/7. Building API from scratch requires heavy-lifting efforts from Developers, DevOps with On-Call shifts, QA, and Product teams that add significant budget overload and risks to the business and their customers.


Today, we launch GenAPI to solve these problems!

  • Create API in minutes, not months. Type your product idea and click "Generate" and AI will suggest Data Schemas, API, and integrations. Then deploy and use API in your app instantly! Months of work saved

  • The most cost and performance-effective backend. Every API deployed with infrastructure designed by AWS Certified Professionals with Well-Architected FinOps guidelines, along with industry best practices.

  • Operational Excellence is our priority. Don't worry about production incidents anymore. Your microservices will never fail because we put autoscaling, firewalls, and recovery mechanisms into every infrastructure component.

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